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Fun New Money Game for Young Kids
Explore the world where kids 4–7 practice counting coins with the help of wise Peter Pig.
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Consumer Materials

Practical Money Skills offers a wide array of resources free of charge. Download our financial literacy games and calculators, or grab one of the brochures below depending upon your needs.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket's Powerful Plan

An entertaining new comic book that teaches kids about wants and needs and the power of saving.
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Marvel's Avengers Saving the Day

An action-packed comic book that teaches kids about budgeting and saving.
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Peter Pig's Money Counter, Money Metropolis, Ed's Bank, Financial Soccer and Road Trip to Savings.
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Save a Million, Rework Budget, Retirement, Cost of Credit, Cost of Loans, Auto Loan, Save for University.
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Practical Money Skills Booklet

This brochure helps you start by outlining the basics. And, as you go through the brochure, you'll find out about important information that will help you manage your money. Download pdf.
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Your Money, Your Future

Whether they're developing financial skills in the classroom or at home, this guide helps students learn how to manage money.
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Practical Money Guides: Complete Set

Covering everything from credit cards to budget basics to the ins and outs of a credit history, these brochures educate consumers on the key issues of financial responsibility.
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Practical Money Guides: Credit Card Basics

Credit cards can be powerful financial tools for you and your family, and as with all financial tools, they need to be used carefully. This guide outlines the basics of credit cards and the responsible use of credit.
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Practical Money Guides: Budget Basics

A budget can help you pay your bills on time, cover unexpected emergencies, and reach your financial goals – now and in the future. Most of the information you need for your budget is already at your fingertips. This guide explains how to create a budget and stick to it.
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Practical Money Guides: Credit History

To get a glimpse of your financial future, many businesses look at your financial past. This history is contained in your credit report. Your credit report determines everything from qualifying for a loan, the rate you'll pay on that loan, getting a new job, renting an apartment and obtaining car insurance. This guide explains what credit bureaus are, why your credit history matters, and how to correct credit report errors and keep your credit rating strong.
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Practical Money Guide: Debit Card Basics

If credit cards mean 'pay later,' debit cards mean 'pay now.' These cards are tied to your bank account and are like paying with cash. With debit cards, you've got to have the money in the bank to cover your purchases. These cards look similar to credit cards so make sure you know what type of card your financial institution issued you.
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Practical Money Guides: Identity Theft

When your personal financial information gets into the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating. It's critical to understand how identity theft and card fraud can happen to you. The information provided here will help you avoid becoming a victim and tell you what you can do if your identity is stolen.
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Practical Money Guides: Prepaid Card Basics

A prepaid card is a card you can load with a set amount of money to allow you to make purchases at thousands of merchants. There are many types of prepaid cards available in Canada.
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